I designed an interactive exhibition and gallery space that catered for primary school children called Big Art for Little Artists. The gallery was designed to introduce children to wonderful world of art. Big Art has been designed for children visiting either with a school or nursery group or with parents, carers or childminders. It was to be accessable for children and adults with disabilities and encourage visitrs to explore art in an 'hands on' environment. Big Art was developed for the Walker Art Gallery who were looking to inspire local families and groups of young children and show them the many artifacts and artworks that they could enjoy together. It was to introduce children to the Walker Art Gallery, as a very special place where children can learn and have lots of fun!
There were two initial design concepts for Big Art; a victorian inspired childrens playground that was inspired by a number of the weird and wonderful painings and sculptures that were in the Walker Art Gallery's collection. An 'Alice in Wonderland' meets Jules Verne's '1000 Leagues Under the Sea' (You can see the initial sketch concepts in Services - Exhibition Design) and the second concept was a contempory design using organic shapes to sculpt the space with stand alone objects and interactives, giving the idea of a 'blank cavas' for little minds to fill. After a number of months discussing the options, it was decided the galley would be delevoped along the lines of the later.​​​​​​​